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‘Dharma Reddy must resign for insulting Lord Venkateswara’s devotees’, Youth leader Rama Chandra to CM Jagan

In a scathing facebook post the young fiery leader continued to attack Jagan Reddy and his close aides for their mismanagement of Tirumala darshan.

New Delhi: Continuing his tirade against the Jagan administration, youth leader from Punganur Rama Chandra Yadav has demanded that Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam’s additional executive officer AV Dharma Reddy resign from his post. His reaction comes in the wake of an insensitive remark made by Reddy regarding Lord Venkateswara’s devotees. Reddy put the blame of the stampede-like situation in Tirumala shrine on the shoulders of devotees and the media. He said the media exaggerated reports of the events in the shrine and that people’s lack of discipline alone was to be blamed for the mishap.

Reacting to these insensitive remarks, the firebrand leader from Rayalseema region in a strongly-worded Facebook post said: “TTD AEO Dharma Reddy says that devotees suffered heat-stroke and stampede-like situations because they were undisciplined. Children were separated from their parents in the crowd because the people were undisciplined. And old ladies fainted not because of dehydration and lack of water facilities but because they were undisciplined. Nothing is ever this government’s fault. In what authority have you given a clean chit to yourself? Are you not accountable to the people? What’s more, when media brothers report about this, even they are targeted and accused of being anti-government.”

In his trademark aggressive style, the leader said: “If you can’t respect God’s devotees, how can you respect Lord Venkateswara?” He invited the leaders of the ruling dispensation to stand in scorching heat without water and then judge how the devotees might have suffered. “ I don’t expect any great devotion from you or your kins because clearly you are incapable of that.  I only want you and your  VVIP relatives to come out of your AC offices and endure the scorching heat for just five minutes. Then probably you will know what happens when you have to stand in serpentine lines for hours together.”

He said that the CM has  proven once again he has no regard for people. “It is appalling that the Chief Minister has still not asked Dharma Reddy to resign from his post.”  He also questioned why the CM and his close group was allowed to “mint money through our temples”

In a final ultimatum he said that if Reddy didn’t resign the CM should be ready to face people’s anger: “For me and millions of devotees of Lord Venkateswara this is not a political matter. It is a matter of our faith, our devotion. So, don’t challenge us, don’t push us to the wall so much that we fight back. My demands are simple. Give devotees the right to peaceful darshan without any hassles and show the door to your man Dharma Reddy. Dharma Reddy must resign for his insensitive comments. Or else be prepared to face people’s ire.”

Rama Chandra Yadav (1)

Yadav’s comments come a day after he had released a Facebook post directly addressing the Chief Minister to state that the administration failed to manage the crowd and Tirumala and provide basic amenities to people. He also accused the board of indulging in corruption.

He called out  the Devasthanam board chairman Y.V. Subba Reddy and other officials of being insensitive to Hindu culture and TTD traditions and rituals. He questioned the  VIP treatment to a select few of their own party while failing to provide the most basic amenities like water to the pilgrim, who suffered heat strokes and dehydration.

“Chief Minister, the main reason that has triggered a situation like this is that your babai (uncle), TTD chairperson is completely clueless about Hindu culture and TTD traditions and rituals. He frequently changes the rules and regulations. For example, if some day the ticket cost is Rs. 100 on another day it becomes Rs 1000. As per government rules there should be two IAS officers in the TTD administration. However, no protocols are followed and preference is given to close relatives and aids of the ruling dispensation by the chairperson. All authority is given to a corrupt and controversial EO who ignores the needs of the devotees and forms rules and regulations as per his own convenience. He runs the temple like his personal fiefdom.”

Urging the CM to take responsibility for the pain and suffering caused to the devotees in the last four days, he said: “There is a need to wake up against the unfair rules of darshan, and lack of basic amenities at the shrine. All we want from you is that the devotees can have a peaceful darshan of the Lord and get the most basic amenities. This is all we desire. Nothing more. We don’t want VIP darshan like your party leaders, and cadre. Beware of Lord Vekateswara’s wrath. Wake up before he opens his red eye and mend your way of functioning. You won’t be spared for causing pain to devotees.”

Yadav, 39, was born and brought up in Punganur, Chittoor district in Rayalseema area. After his schooling, he did his higher studies in Nellore, Vizag and Tirupati. He did Masters in Business Administration and Management. He is an entrepreneur and has been associated with the founding of various successful business ventures across multiple sectors like Business Services, Health and Social Work, tourism, real estate, and software industry.

Coming from a middle-class agricultural background, he settled in Punganur to do business and serve his own people. During this period he got the chance to observe the people and their problems closely. He decided to enter politics as an independent candidate, later joined Jana Sena and fought from Punganur constituency in 2019 Assembly elections. He gave a tough competition to his rival YSRCP strongman Peddireddy Ramchandra Reddy and continues to be vocal against the lack of development in the region. In one of his interviews he stated, “He has entered politics to only serve Punganur people who don’t have basic facilities like water supply, transportation, and education opportunities”.