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West Bengal: BJP worker alleges TMC workers attacked him and his mother; FIR registered

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker and his mother were attacked in Bengal.




New Delhi: BJP worker Gopal Majumdar has alleged that three TMC workers entered his house and attacked his mother in Nimta, North Dumdum on 27th Feb.

An FIR registered has been registered.

Gopal Majumdar’s mother said, “They hit me on my head and neck and punched me. They hit me on my face too. I’m scared, they asked me not to tell anyone about it. My whole body is in pain. ”

BJP worker on attack

The  BJP worker said, “On Friday night, some men broke down the door of my house with sticks and entered inside. They yelled at me for being with BJP and started beating me. The butt of their revolver hit the back of my head. Then I fell to the ground and my chest and abdomen pained. I don’t know who carried out the attack, but they must be TMC thugs. I lodged a complaint with the police”.


TMC denies allegations

Meanwhile, Nirmal Ghosh, Bengal TMC MLA from Panihati Assembly Constituency has denied the allegations. He said that the incident is a domestic matter between family members and has nothing to do with TMC.

“We have found that the incident in North Dudum’s Nimta area is a family matter and the fighting happened among family members. It is their internal matter. TMC has nothing to do with this incident. It does not suit the BJP to make such false allegations on TMC,” said Ghosh.

Here is who said what on the incident: