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Chandrayaan-3 Update: Spacecraft just 1,400 km away from The Moon

The current distance of Chandrayaan-3 from the farthest point from the Moon (known as Apolune) is 1,437 kilometres.

New Delhi: On Wednesday, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) reported that the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has completed another orbit reduction manoeuvre, bringing it closer to the Moon’s surface. The current distance of Chandrayaan-3 from the farthest point from the Moon (known as Apolune) is 1,437 kilometres.

Chandrayaan-3 successfully entered lunar orbit on August 5 and is expected to decrease to a 100 km orbit by the beginning of next week, according to a statement released by ISRO.

Chandrayaan-3 has already shared some pictures of the moon and earth from space and ISRO has posted those on their Twitter official.

On August 14, ISRO will set Chandrayaan-3 through one more orbit adjustment that will put the spacecraft within striking distance of the moon’s surface. The lander and rover, which make up the landing module, will then separate from the propulsion module after this.

On August 23, the lander is scheduled to slow down and touch down gently in the south-polar area of the Moon. ISRO has announced that the Chandrayaan-3 mission is progressing according to schedule. However, it has become clear that a gentle landing on the lunar surface is crucial.

After Chadrayaan-2’s soft landing attempt failed, ISRO scientists made courageous efforts to turn the situation around. The lander ‘Vikram’ for Chandrayaan-3 has been designed from the ground up to be robust in the face of malfunctions. ISRO, however, has a backup plan in place for a successful landing if both the sensors and engines fail.

Luna 25

To counter India’s Chandrayaan-3, the Russian Space Research Organization launched Luna 25 on August 10. To all appearances, as per the report, the Soyuz-2.1B rocket with the Lun 25 lunar lander aboard lands ahead of the Chadrayaan-3 probe.

Through Twitter, ISRO has sent congratulations for both the spacecrafts’ success, saying, “Congratulations, Roscosmos on the successful launch of Luna-25 💐

Wonderful to have another meeting point in our space journeys

Wishes for

🇮🇳Chandrayaan-3 &


missions to achieve their goals.”