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‘Hindus Under Attack In India’ trends at top on Twitter, netizens support Nupur; share messages & memes

Besides the messages, many people also shared memes on the social media platforms under the hashtag.

New Delhi: The debate over Nupur Sharma’s controversial remark about Prophet Muhammad is yet not over in India. A few days ago, people demanded a boycott of Qatar Airways on Twitter after Muslim counties such as Qatar, Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia strongly criticised the BJP leader.

Now, many people have again come in support of Sharma on Twitter with the hashtag ‘Hindus Under Attack In India’. Under the hashtag, netizens said whatever is going on in the country is against secularism.

Besides the messages, many people also shared memes on social media platforms. Under the hashtag, nearly 2,50,000 thousand people have shared their views.

Sharing a photo of the Chinese president Xi Xinping, a Twitter user wrote, ”You may disagree, but only this man knows how to deal with Zombies!”

”One lady is taking on all Islamic countries,” said a Twitter user namely Raghav Teneti.

”Nupur Sharma is not alone, 100 crore Hindus are standing with her,” wrote another user.

Check more comments and memes below here:

A day ago, a protest against Nupur Sharma turned violent in Jharkhand’s Ranchi. During the incident, Vehicles were torched and vandalised. To stop the violence and control the crowd, the police have to use batons and fire in the air.

This came just a few days after, a similar incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. During the clash between two groups in the Beckonganj area of the city, six-person were reported to be injured.