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Kharmas 2024: When is it starting and what to avoid during this month?

People can also recite Bhagwat Gita, Ramcharitmanas, Sunderkand and Shiv Puran during this month.

New Delhi: The Kharmas month is considered inauspicious in the Hindu religion. It is believed that Hindus must avoid doing certain things during this month. People must avoid planning weddings, buying new house, property, engagements, buying new vehicle, Mundan ceremony, starting new business etc. It is also said that people must offer sweet water to the Sun God and get up before the sunrise to seek the blessings of Lord Sun. Offering prayers to the Sun God is considered auspicious.

The Kharmas month is starting from 15th March and will continue till April 13th. However people can buy things for festivals like Navaratri which is starting from 9th April. People are only prohibited to start anything new but buying clothes and other things for daily use is not prohibited. It is believed that if you engage in any activity which are not allowed to do in this month then you will not receive positive results. According to Hindu religion people always look for an auspicious time to start anything new so that they get best results and blessings. But if you are doing these things in  a prohibited time then you will not face positive results.


The Kharmas month comes twice in a year, one during winters and one during summers. It is also believed in the Hindu Religion that God sun worships Guru Jupiter during this time and his entire focus is on him, this is why devotees are advised not to begin any auspicious activity during this time since they will not be able to receive good results. You can begin any activity once this period is over. People can chant Lord Sun’s mantra to get his blessings and to avoid any kind of misfortune during this month.

People can also recite Bhagwat Gita, Ramcharitmanas, Sunderkand and Shiv Puran during this month. You can even make a commitment to finish any holy book during this month, it is considered auspicious.  Apart from this, one must visit temples during this time to get positive results.