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Lunar Eclipse 2021: When and Where to watch First Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon of the Year

This Lunar Eclipse will be the first total eclipse of the moon since January 21, 2019




lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2021:The first Lunar Eclipse, the Blood Moon or in other word known as Chandra Grahan in India will take place on May 26. This will be the first total eclipse of the moon since January 21, 2019.

It will be a total Lunar Eclipse as the Full Moon will pass through the Earth’s dark umbral shadow.

Why is it known as Blood Moon?

A total Lunar Eclipse is often called the Blood Moon as the moon turns reddish-orange during the eclipse. The term Supermoon simply means a bigger than the average Full Moon but the one we will see on May 26 will be the biggest of the year.

Blood moon 2018 longest longest lunar eclipse on July 27

All you need to know about Lunar Eclipse 2021 or the Blood moon:

  1. It is said that on May 26, the Full Moon will be closest to the Earth
  2.  Also, the moon may look bigger and may turn reddish

Who and where can this be watched?

People in Australia, parts of the western United States, western South America, or in South-East Asia will be able to see the Super Blood Moon.

What will happen during the lunar eclipse?

According to the, the Full Moon ”sweeps through the Earth’s dark umbral shadow to stage a short-lived total eclipse of the moon.” The totality of the eclipse will last for less than 15 minutes.