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Make investigation and prosecution effective through technology: CM Yogi

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday reviewed the Fire Department, CBCID and Anti Corruption Organization.




cm yogi

New Delhi: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday reviewed the Fire Department, CBCID and Anti Corruption Organization. The Chief Minister gave directions to the investigating agencies, including effective prosecution, while completing the investigation of pending cases in a time-bound manner.

=> The work of the fire department has been very important in emergency situations. Our team has to remain in 24×7 alert mode.

=> At present, fire stations are functional in 299 tehsils of the state. In 68 tehsils which do not have fire stations, setting up of the centre should be done by ensuring the availability of land. The work of fire stations under construction should be completed at the earliest. After the tehsils, prepare an action plan to set up fire stations at every police station level in the next phase.

=> Trained and qualified personnel should be deployed in the fire department. There should be no shortage of human resources and equipment at any centre. The selection process should be completed as expeditiously as possible on all the categories of posts that are vacant. In multi-storey buildings, necessary equipment should be procured for better relief and rescue operations.

=> Life is priceless. The untimely death of even a single person in an accident is sad and a loss to society. In such a situation, we have to be vigilant with zero tolerance towards safety standards. Fire audits of industrial units, schools, multi-storey buildings, hospitals, and hotels should be conducted in all the districts of the state.

=> Cases of issuing NOC of buildings should not be kept pending unnecessarily. NOC should be issued after conducting the test within a time limit. The standard must be strictly adhered to. No NOC should be issued to buildings not meeting standards.

=> The general public has to be made aware of fire safety. People should be appropriately informed about the use of fire fighting equipments. Children in schools should be taught about the methods of prevention in case of fire. It should be included in the school curriculum.

=> There is a facility to obtain all NOCs in the state through Nivesh Mitra Portal and Fire Service Portal. This is a good effort in line with the resolution of Ease of Doing Business. With the help of technology, we should make such arrangements at the district level, so that the information about retesting, validity date etc. of fire fighting equipments of every building can also be made available online.

=> Concerted efforts should be made to further reduce the response time of the fire brigade to reach the spot on receiving information.

=> With the changing times, there is a need for a comprehensive improvement in the functioning of Anti Corruption Organization. Efforts should be made to make the proceedings transparent and effective with maximum use of technology. It needs to be integrated with dial 112. Digitization of records and procedures for investigation and investigation should be done.

=> Training of the personnel of the organization should be done to make national identity as a level professional agency. Maintain better coordination with CBI and other agencies.

=> The process of investigation of the organization should be made more effective. Prosecution proceedings need to be improved further. Planned efforts should be made in this direction.

=> The pending cases related to corruption should be reviewed at the departmental level. There should also be a thorough review of the cases pending in the courts.

=> Presently 27 special courts are functional under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Due to all these being installed at only 5 places, it takes a lot of time in carrying investigation. It would be appropriate to make these 27 courts functional at the divisional level. A necessary proposal should be prepared in this regard.

=> Keeping in view the increasing cases of financial crime, it is necessary to constitute a Financial Intelligence Unit in the state. SPO should be appointed in every unit. Prepare a detailed proposal in this regard and submit it as soon as possible.

=> A technical unit should be set up at the unit and headquarter level for Big Data and Financial Data Analysis.

=> For promotion of employees, make their efficiency the basis. Each employee should be rated. Their efficiency should be tested.

=> CBCID is an important investigative unit. We have to make necessary reforms to make it one of the best investigative agencies in the country. Be it organizational changes or technological up-gradation, prepare an action plan for comprehensive improvement in every area.

=> CBCID has qualified and efficient officers and staff. In such a situation, efforts should be made to increase the usefulness of this unit. On the basis of merit, maximum number of cases should be given to CBCID.

=> All the cases pending before CBCID should be disposed of in a time bound manner. Consider connecting it to CCTNS