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Meet UP constable Mohit who wins netizens’ heart by offering mango to monkey

On the internet, a constable won the thousands of hearts on the internet by offering a piece of mango to a monkey.




New Delhi: There is no doubt that humans are one of the most intelligent creatures of nature on Earth. We know very well how to use it to make our life better. However, the greatest gift of nature also comes with a responsibility that we should use it to help others, be it humans, animals, and insects.

On the internet, a constable won the thousands of hearts on the internet by helping a monkey. The video of the incident is now going viral on the internet.

In the video, one can see, that the constable is sitting in the car and has a knife and a mango in his hands while the monkey with its baby is waiting to get a piece of it.

One can further watch in the video that the constable also throws a piece of mango at other monkeys who are not in the frame.

The viral video was shared by UP Police on its Twitter account on 12 June. The UP Police also added a caption, ”UP112, सबके ‘Mon-key’ समझे.. Well Done Constable Mohit, PRV1388 Shahjahapur for making good deeds an ‘Aam Baat.”

Watch the video here:

The video was uploaded with a caption, PyarKaMeethaPhal, and UPPCares. Since being uploaded, it has been watched by 59,000 thousand people.

After watching the video many people saluted the cop for displaying humanity and kindness.

”This is so cute. I love it. Thanks @Uppolice,” wrote a user.

”So sweet Bhai itna pyar se khila Raha hai, jaise bacche ko khilate hain,” wrote another user.