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Mumbai: 81-year-old woman donated kidney to her son, became the oldest kidney donor in country

Her son Rajen was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2020 and had to undergo dialysis 4 times every week. He was advised to get a transplant

New Delhi: An 81-year-old elderly woman from Mumbai has made a national record by donating a kidney. She donated one of her kidneys to his 56-year-old son.

Doctors at Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai claim that this is the country’s first case of kidney donation at the age of 81.

The name of the woman who donated her kidney is Kala Shashikant Shah. Her son Rajen was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2020, and had to undergo dialysis 4 times every week. Doctors advised him for a kidney transplant.

The search for a kidney started, but no donor was available for a very long period. When done waiting, Kala asked the doctors to transplant one of her kidneys to Rajen.

Doctors who performed Rajen’s surgery at Apollo said that they were stunned at this initiative of the elderly. The doctors were further worried about the idea of performing major surgery on Kala.

Then they decided to take several tests to know her physical state better. Tests revealed that Kala’s kidneys were fine and her physical condition was also good for kidney donation.

Eventually, the mother’s kidney was successfully transplanted into the son’s body. The elderly mother and son Rajen are healthy after a kidney transplant in 2021.


Kala’s son Rajen Shah is an IT professional. Previously, his wife had also agreed to denote her kidney to Rajen, but the doctors refused because he had hypertension.

Kala Shah had also told the secret to her health. She had revealed that she wakes up early in the morning and takes a proper diet at the right time.

“I’m always active. There is a positive atmosphere in the house, so there is no question of tension. That’s why I am completely fit even at this age”, she added.

Meanwhile, Dr Amol Patil of Apollo Hospital told that an 80-year-old man had donated a kidney earlier in Delhi. In this case, the age of the kidney donor is 81 years. In this way, Kala Shah is the oldest living kidney donor in the country.