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PM Modi’s address in LS: ‘2004 to 2014 was a decade of scams,’ says PM Modi

He is likely to address the Parliament around 3:30 pm on February 8 as per the latest update by the PMO’s Twitter handle.

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi is delivering a reply in Lok Sabha to the motion of thanks on the President’s address. He addressed the Parliament and noted India’s achievement in the challenging days. He also took a jibe at the Opposition for their address and allegations in the Lok Sabha.

PM Modi


Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Modi and the Centre on the Adani row and alleged that the government favoured the businessman to grow. PM replied to the opposition’s allegations indirectly. The Adani row was stirred in the Parliament by the opposition and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also showed some posters of PM Modi to indicate his alleged relationship with Gautam Adani. Today, Congress President also targeted the government on the issue and even went on to call PM Modi ‘mauni baba’.

LIVE Updates:

# PM notes cheap internet and house loans as the government’s support to the middle-income groups.

# On Adani row, PM Modi targets opposition and says, they earlier said that India is getting weaker and now they say that India is so strong that it is influencing other nations’ decisions.

# There is a study at Harvard University on ‘Rise and Fall of Congress’ and in the future other Universities will also research Congress’ downfall.

# He said that they should thank ED, who brought the opposition together.

# I was waiting, for someone will come with researched criticism, but nine years passed in allegations: PM Modi

# 2004-14 have been the era of most number of scams and for 10 years under UPA, there were many terror attacks in the country: PM Modi

# PM quotes Kaka Hathrasi to target opposition for not looking at India’s achievements.

# PM exclaimed that some people are not being able to see the achievements of India’s 140 crore people.

# He said that India fought the challenges in the COVID times and emerged as the fifth largest economy in the world.

# PM said that he is happy that no one opposed the President’s address and the whole Lok Sabha agreed to her thoughts.

# He said that the opposition has a misconception of returning to power.

# PM Modi takes a jibe at the opposition and says that yesterday after a few people’s address the ecosystem shook.


# PM Modi begins to address Lok Sabha.