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“PM Modi spreading hate, fear in India”: Rahul Gandhi at ‘Mehngai par halla bol’ rally | TOP POINTS

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today addressed ‘Mehngai par halla bol’ rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan.

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today at mega Congress rally blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for spreading hate, fear in India. He said country’s enemies will benefit from this.

He also said anyone against Modi is attacked; was made to sit for 55 hrs at ED office but want to tell PM, I am not not scared of your ED, he said

Rahul said that two India’s have been created, one for poor, farmers, unemployed while the other for few chosen industrialist.

Rahul Gandhi was addressing ‘Mehngai par halla bol’ rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan.

Rahul Gandhi at mega Congress rally | TOP POINTS

# He said its only after BJP govt came at Centre, hatred and anger has increased in the country.

# As hatred is rising,  fear of inflation, unemployment is increasing in the country.

# Rahul also said that only two industrialists are benefitting from hate, fear in country and BJP are working for their benefit.

# Congress leader said ‘Three black farm laws’ brought in not to help farmers, but to benefit 2-3 industrialists.

# He said the situation in the county is such that even if it wants, it cannot give jobs to its youth.

# People are facing a lot of hardships, and when Oppotion tries to raise their voice in Parliament, Modi govt does not allow it.

# Rahul said there is a pressure on media, judiciary, Election Commission and govt is attacking them all.

# ‘He said ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ is important as this is how truth can be told to people.

# Talking about Congress, he said that party unites country and removes hate, fear which helps the country to progress

# Constitution is soul of country, every Indian has to work towards saving it otherwise country cannot be saved

# PM is spreading hate, fear in India.

# Enemies will benefit from this.

Rahul gandhi