CII annual session: Nearly 74 crore beneficiaries benefited under the PM Gareeb Kalyan Yojana, says PM Modi | TOP POINTS

This is PM’s first major speech on the Indian Economy since the announcement of Unlock-1.

Written by June 2, 2020 11:12

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the inaugural address at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Annual Session 2020- “Getting Growth Back”.

This is PM’s first major speech on the Indian Economy since the announcement of Unlock-1.


# Self-reliant does not mean that we will be dependent on anyone at a strategic level. It is about creating strong enterprises in India. Enterprises that will become global forces. It is about creating employment: PM Modi

# Countries worldwide today are looking for better global partnerships while looking for modern methods. Expectations from India, too, has increased: PM Modi

# This has built a new hope. At a time when most countries were taking care of just themselves during the COVID-19 outbreak, India at a humanitarian level helped 150 countries with medicines: PM Modi

# The world is looking for a trusted partner. All Indian industries must use this trust that has been built at a global level: PM Modi

# Indian industries today have a clear path of self-reliant India. It means that we will get stronger and impress the world. Self-reliant India will be integrated with the world economy while also being supportive: PM Modi

# The direction in which the government is moving today, be it our mining sector, energy sector or research and technology, in every field there will be many new opportunities for youth of the country: PM Modi
There are five key elements to make India great.






The decisions we’ve recently taken have a reflection of all five elements. We’ve made all sectors future-ready: PM Modi

# I’m confident that you have questions related to the Self-Reliant India initiative. Re-strengthening our economies is one of the top priorities after the Corona outbreak. A lot of decisions that have been taken will help the country in the long run: PM Modi

# India has entered Unlock Phase 1. A major portion of the economy has opened up and more will open up after 8th June. We’ve been able to do this only because when the entire world was grappling under the COVID crisis, India reaped the benefits of the lockdown: PM Modi

# Nearly 74 crore beneficiaries were benefited under the PM Gareeb Kalyan Yojana. Migrant workers, too, are receiving foodgrains. Poor families have received Rs 53,000 crore so far to help them tide through this crisis: PM Modi

# I have full trust on India’s capabilities and crisis management. I trust India’s technology, talent, innovation, intellect, farmers, MSMEs, entrepreneurs and the Industry leaders. Thus, I can say that India will gets its growth back: PM Modi