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Rahul Gandhi permanent part of anti-nationalist toolkit: JP Nadda (VIDEO)

Neha Singh



JP Nadda

New Delhi: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) President JP Nadda called Congress as part of antinational activities and  claimed that Rahul Gandhi as the permanent part of the anti-nationalist toolkit.

JP Nadda said Rahul Gandhi must apologise for defaming India at foreign land.

He said that even in the most difficult times, no Indian leaders have ever appealed to foreign powers to act against the Indian govt since Independence.

He called it a very serious matter in Independent India’s history.

BJP President JP Nadda said that no power in the word can harm the legacy of India.

He also said that at present no one listens to Congress party in the country, and the public does not trust you.

JP Nadda said Congress has been nearly wiped off.