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SBI warns its users to beware of this scam message that can steal all your money

In a tweet, PIB said, “a message in circulation claiming that your @TheOfficialSBI account has been blocked is #FAKE.”





New Delhi: If you are a Stata Bank of India account holder, then you might be vulnerable to a scam message that will enable the scammer to steal your savings and personal details, according to a PIB release.

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has warned SBI users to be careful of a message, informing them that their SBI account has been blocked. Reportedly, the scammers are sending these alerts via SMS. The agency is warning all the SBI users to be cautious of such messages, and calls, and not click any link that may appear in the message.

In a tweet, PIB said, “a message in circulation claiming that your @TheOfficialSBI account has been blocked is #FAKE.”

Besides, the agency also told the users not to do the following things after receiving the message:

  • Respond to emails/SMS asking for their personal or banking details
  • If they receive any such message, immediately report the number to report.phishing

PIB informed that scammers use fake bank messages to lure customers into submitting their personal details and documents. Users may sometimes also click on any malicious link which can enable the scammer to steal all their money. The message according to the PIB warning reads, “Dear A/c holder SBI BANK documents has expired A/c will be blocked Now Click http://sbikvs.II Update by NetBanking.”

Moreover, there are ways to identify whether the messages send are fake or not. One of the most common ways is to see who the sender of the message is. Notably, banks always communicate with customers through verified numbers that appear differently. Also, a bank will never ask you to expose your personal or account details to anyone.