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This video of little girl feeding her father in Mumbai local train will melt your heart




New Delhi: One bond that is inseparable and the most admired relationship is the father-daughter enviable bond. This is one bond which cannot be compared to any other, nor can it be matched by any other relationship.

A video which was shot inside a Mumbai local train is now being circulated on social media, where a father-daughter duo is an epitome of this. If you only watch the video, this will leave you teary-eyed and you may even want to watch it over and over again and share it further.

This beautiful video was shared by a Instagram user, Sakshi Mehrotra. Sharing the video, she wrote, “Want to live for moments like this!”

In the video, a little girl is seen feeding her father inside a local train in Mumbai and this will touch your heart.

The video was posted on Instagram by Sakshi Mehrotra. She describes herself as a digital creator. “Want to live for moments like this!” reads the caption of the video shared on Instagram. The video shows a little girl feeding his father inside a local train in Mumbai in an adorable cute way. The text insert on the video reads, “Today in Mumbai local!”


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The video which was shared on July 9 on Instagram has so far received 176K views and more than one lakh likes.

If you have not yet watched this video, don’t miss, this will definitely melt your heart.

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