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Top 4 places to visit in & around Delhi this Army Day!

If you want to relive the patriotic feeling inside you all over again this Army Day, here is a list of places that you can visit and celebrate Army Day in and around New Delhi.

Top 4 places to visit in & around Delhi this Army Day!

This Indian Army day we will be celebrating the 72 years of its existence as one of the most powerful defending walls of the world. Since 1949, Army Day is celebrated on 15th January every year as this day is remarked as the day when the transfer of power of the army was given in the hands of an Indian citizen.

The day is celebrated to honor our nation’s soldiers who set the biggest example of selfless service and brotherhood, and above all, love for our motherland, India.

We are proud to say that the Indian Army stands as one of the most powerful militaries in the world, competing with countries like US, Russia and China.
If you want to relive the patriotic feeling inside you all over again this Army Day, here is a list of places that you can visit and celebrate Army Day in and around New Delhi.

1. Delta 105

Our Indian Army works day and night on the border for us to sleep with peace. There are times when they don’t even get a chance to go home and celebrate the festivals with their loved ones. Major Dinesh, a former Army official having experienced the same, came-up with the idea of an army themed park, Delta 105. Delta 105 has been established for people to experience what our soldiers do on a day-to-day basis.

Here are a few fun-filled activities that one can enjoy at the park:

• Grenade Throwing Session
• Firing Range
• Race with Battle Load
• Assault Courses- Commando, Map Reading and Ground Zero
• Paint Ball in a War-Ravaged Zone

In addition to these activities, one can also experience how our soldiers maintain peace, no matter what they go through, handle war situations, learn how to fold National Flag, War Zone created on a 300 ft border made of bunkers, trenches, minefield and a relax time under tents made of parachutes to stay grounded just like our soldiers. And the Delta 105 understands that a good day cannot be completed without food, that’s why they have equipped the park with some delicious and amazing food options including the regional food of troops of various regiments to just make your day.

2. Indian Air Force Museum

The Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, is the museum of the Indian Air Force, and is located at the Palam Air Force Station in Delhi, India. The museum was the only one of its kind in India until the opening of the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa in 1998 and HAL Aerospace Museum in Bangalore in 2001.

Instead of flying virtual migs, let your kids’ imagination run wild by taking them to see the actual stuff, all at display at the Indian Air Force Museum in Palam, a one of its kind museum for aviation.

Indian Air Force Museum
What is on display is a walk through the history of Indian Aviation including Military aviation. So you get to see not just the crafts right from the rudimentary ones to the highly sophisticated ones, you also see the artillery.

Remnants of aircraft out of actual wars including Kargil are also on display and truly a grist for the mill if you want to pique your child’s interest not towards aviation but also international politics and history all rolled into one.

Indian Air Force Museum

There is an indoor gallery that comprises of photographs and momentoes in addition to displays of actual bombs, missiles etc. uniforms. The hangar has 15 different types of military aircrafts that have formed the backbone of Indian Air Force including the Westland Lysander that was the first craft to fly through Khyber Pass, Hawker Hurricane and Hawker Tempest. Also on display are helicopters, anti-aircraft guns, vehicles, radar equipment and captured enemy vehicles.

3. India Gate

The India Gate is located in the center of New Delhi, the capital of India. It was made by Edwin Lutyens In 1921. This landmark in Delhi commemorates the members of the erstwhile British Indian Army who sacrificed their lives fighting for the Indian Empire in the Afghan Wars and World War.

India gate

After India got its independence, India Gate became the site of Amar Jawan Jyoti -Indian Army’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is counted among the largest war memorials in India.

Indian Army Day celebrations take place in New Delhi and presided over by the Commander-in-Chief every year. If you have plans to travel India, be at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate, New Delhi as homage is paid to the martyrs. Followed by parades, garlanding, and bike shows. The shows on bikes and other vehicles is an example of the achievements of the Indian Army. Gallantry awards and medals for chivalry are presented to the jawans.

4. National War Memorial

National War Memorial has been built as a tribute to the soldiers killed during the Indo-China War in 1962, the Indo-Pak Wars in 1947, 1965 and 1971, the Kargil Conflict in 1999, and the Indian Peace Keeping Force Operations in Sri Lanka.

National War Memorial

The National War Memorial has a new ‘eternal flame’ positioned at the bottom of the stone-made obelisk (The existing eternal flame at the Amar Jawan Jyoti will continue to burn)