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‘Wanted to present my red diary’: Sacked Rajasthan minister after ‘dragged out’ of Assembly

“Some Congress leaders kicked and punched me and later threw me out of the Assembly. I was getting calls to not attend the session and that I will be sent to jail soon,” he said.




Rajendra Singh Gudha, Rajasthan

New Delhi: Former Rajasthan minister Rajendra Singh Gudha claimed that the Congress leaders dragged him out of the State Assembly on Monday.

Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was adjourned on Monday after sacked minister Gudha along with BJP MLAs create ruckus. Speaker CP Joshi adjourned the proceedings after the ruckus.

After coming out of the House, Rajendra Singh Gudha spoke to reporters and said, “Around 50 people attacked me, punched me, kicked me and Congress leaders dragged me out of the Assembly. The Chairman of the Rajasthan Assembly did not even allow me to speak. There were allegations against me that I am with BJP. I want to know, what is my fault”

Rajendra Singh Gudha was carrying a red colour diary in the House today which according to him contains details which can expose Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

“After CM Gehlot asked me, I snucked a red diary from a raid site where ED and Income tax were conducting raids,” he said.

Sacked Rajasthan Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha, says “I wanted to present my red diary to the Chairman but he did not allow me to speak. Congress leader Shanti Kumar Dhariwal pushed me and other Congress leaders started fighting with me and took away some pages of the diary. Some Congress leaders kicked and punched me and later threw me out of the Assembly. I was getting calls to not attend the session and that I will be sent to jail soon.”

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan Assembly Rajendra Singh Rathore said that government should come forward if there is nothing serious about the red diary that former minister Gudha was carrying.

“Rajendra Gudha was not allowed to speak. If there is nothing in the red diary, then the government should come forward,” he said.

Before the proceedings former minister Gudha said that the atrocities against women are increasing in the state adding that there was nothing wrong about the remarks he made in the State assembly over the condition of women in the state.

Gudha further asserted that he would not issue an apology in this matter.

“Why will I apologise, what was my fault. I did not say anything wrong, atrocities against women are increasing in the state. I will answer in the house. We were not allowed to speak but now I am free,” he said.

Rajendra Singh Gudha, Rajasthan - 1

Earlier on Friday, Gudha had criticised his own government over recent incidents of crimes against women in the state which led to his sacking from the state cabinet.

Speaking in the assembly, Gudha, the Congress leader said that it should be accepted that the state government “failed” in women’s safety.

“It is true and should be accepted that we have failed in women’s safety. Instead of Manipur, we should look within ourselves why atrocities on women have increased in Rajasthan,” Gudha said.