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Watch: Video of Women’s intense verbal fight in nearly empty Delhi Metro goes viral, Netizens say, “What nonsense…”

The viral clip shows two ladies indulging in a heated verbal exchange with one another.

New Delhi: Incidents of ugly brawls between commuters inside the Delhi Metro have seen a sharp rise in the last few months & this recently surfacing viral video is yet another testament to the same.

The viral clip shows two ladies indulging in a heated verbal exchange with one another while sitting in a relatively empty coach on the metro train.

Watch it here: 

Shared on X (Previously Twitter) by @Gharkekalesh on May 26, 2024, the clip opens with two women angrily shouting at one another.

While the first woman is heard accusing the other of pushing her, the other is seen denying her allegations, claiming that she only pushed the lady because she stood in front of the Metro’s doors and prevented her from boarding the train.

During the banter, the second woman even alleges that the first lady was distracted by her phone & that’s why she didn’t care about the people standing behind her in the queue.

To this, the other lady angrily replies and says, “There was enough space for you to enter the train but you still choose to push me instead.”

Netizens React

Delhi Metro

Within no time of its posting, the video of the ugly catfight between Delhi Metro’s female commuters gained significant attention from the netizens who wasted no time in taking to the comment section & sharing reactions to the incident.

While some called such happenings inside Delhi Metro trains everyday things, others highlighted how the ladies choose to despite being comfortably seated in a nearly empty coach.

“There are so many vacant seats in the train but they are still arguing, What nonsense,” wrote one user. Another said, “Dono ladies itni kaleshi hai ki log khade hoke jaa rahe vacant seats hone ke wood.” A third comment Read, “Delhi metro not for beginners.”

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