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A summer day of my dreams !

We stepped off the ride, and walked past the bright blue ferris wheel that played soft music that gives you a happy and gushing feeling.

Dear Diary,

It was a bright sunny day, with the warm and comforting sun rays shining down on five very excited, young and reckless teenagers. The sky was a beautiful blue, with white fluffy clouds staring down at us. It seemed like just the perfect day with the perfect weather to go to our favourite place- the loud, vibrant and thrilling amusement park that smelt comfortable- it smelt of soda and candy floss and nostalgia.

The roaring rollercoasters with their bright red seats and yellow tracks were waiting for us to climb aboard in the seats that smelt so strongly of plastic but were so irresistible. We climbed on, our hearts beating fast, loud enough to be heard. Three, two, one, the operator screamed and it took off leaving us all with a very liberating feeling in our hearts. The sound of the rollercoaster on the wheels, making our serotonin levels a little higher and the sudden drop with the wind gushing in our hair, hands going up and loud screams filling our ears.

We stepped off the ride, and walked past the bright blue ferris wheel that played soft music that gave you a happy and gushing feeling to walk over to the pier with its welcoming blue and white beach umbrellas that have the most divine smelling food stalls. I walked over to the stall that sold hot dogs and heard the sound of the sizzling oil while smelling the sugary candy floss that my friends were enjoying right next door.

We stood there, enjoying our cola, sweet and sugary candy floss and savoury hot dogs. We then walked over to the water park section of the amusement park. I had specifically reminded all my friends to wear shorts and carry a change of crocs for their footwear so we could enjoy the water rides as well without worries. We walked over laughing and rejoicing over the glory of a day that it had been, and enjoyed the sun setting down. Now the rest is for another day, you should just know that it was a day to remember.