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Broken Bonds !

We realized that our journey on Earth was over and the mysterious experience we had just gone through was the cleansing our souls.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. After a morning of lazing around and having an extremely heavy breakfast, I decided to sit out on my balcony and enjoy some music with the cool, light breeze caressing through my hair. This, to me, was the definition of a perfect Sunday. I put my headphones on and was about to doze off to some relaxing music when suddenly a very abrupt tune started playing in my ears. I woke up with a sudden jolt and went through my playlist but all I could see was a blank black screen.

I took my headphones out but the abrupt, scary, dark, and mysterious music just wouldn’t stop playing. I slammed the balcony door shut and went inside my room thinking it was all just a bad dream. I thought to myself that if I can’t enjoy my music outside, let me just curl up with a book instead. I sat in my bed and was suddenly sucked into this dark tunnel which certainly wasn’t my comforter. I screamed out loud for help, but nothing seemed to work, I just kept going deeper and deeper. Suddenly, I fell to the ground with a loud thud. I was in a very dark room, with eerie noises and bats flying around. The kind of stuff you would only imagine in movies and books. I pinched myself, this couldn’t have been real, did I really just transport to a whole different world altogether?

I dusted myself off and got up in the attempt to find a way out of here and back to the comfort of my room, suddenly I heard some footsteps behind me. I turned around hopeful, but the man wouldn’t speak at all. The music that I had heard while sitting on my balcony started playing again. I found myself in a maze this time, but the same man was following me. I was extremely creeped out at this point and was frantically screaming for help. There was an instruction board giving instructions to get out of the maze, so I just followed it as it seemed like my last resort. The man was following me still.


I tried to make conversation with him once again, and this time he just broke down and started crying. I sat down to comfort him because I was sure he was taken aback too with these eccentric surroundings. We spoke a lot and I figured out that he was the brother that I had lost. Now let me give you a little backstory. When I was 3, I lost my 1-month-old baby brother. It was an extremely tragic incident in my family. We both cried tears of happiness at being reunited. We walked together through the maze and caught up on the many years of each other’s lives that we had missed out on.

We reached this white gate and went through it. The gates said ‘welcome to heaven’. We realized that our journey on Earth was over and the scary, dark and mysterious experience the two of us had just gone through was the cleansing of our souls. We walked in through the heavenly gates of heaven, ready to complete the bonding experience that we never got to finish on Earth.