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Infant born with 2 penises in Brazil; doctors cut bigger one

Doctors said a man with two penises can enjoy sex and birth children. 




New Delhi: In a very rare medical condition, a boy was born with two penises. The incident was reported in Brazil. However, one of his two penises was removed by doctors through surgery.

Due to a medical condition infant was born with 2 penises in Brazil; doctors cut a bigger one

Medical condition called diphallia

The rare medical condition of the boy is called diphallia. It is reported that this condition is recorded in one in a million babies. Talking about the condition, doctors in Sao Paulo said 100 men so far reported the condition in the history of medical literature.

The first case was registered in medical literature in 1609.

According to the doctors, the second appendage makes the boy very rare. However, the removal of pennies became very important to save the boy from any medical problems in the future.

On the rare medical condition of the boy, a detailed report has been published in the Journal of Pediatric Urology. The report says the both penises of the boy lie side by side.

Notably, the second penis of the boy was removed after the boy turned two years old. However, there is no information why the procedure the surgery was delayed until so long.

Doctors remove long penis instead of small one

Initially, the doctors planned to remove the small penis but they decided to remove the long one due to other risks. If the doctors removed the small one, the boy would have to face problems during the time of urination. Owing to the removal of a small penis, the boy wasn’t able to urinate from the long one.

The diphallia mainly comes into effect at the time of the development of genitals in the ovary. Doctors said a man with two penises can enjoy sex and birth children.