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Few reasons why notice period of more than a month is unprofessional

Here is why it is quite unpractical and unprofessional too

New Delhi: The length of your notice period should be detailed in your offer letter and/or contract of employment and/or your employee handbook (if you have one).

The notice period works both ways – whatever amount of time you have to give the employer, they have to give you unless something different is specified in writing.

The minimum notice period, even if it’s not written down anywhere, is 1 week, as long as you have worked for a month. The notice period normally runs from the next day after you notify the company of your intention to leave your job.

In a country where talent is found abundant. It is hard to follow this rule. According to some companies, there is a rule that you have to serve a minimum of 60-90 period. And here is why it is quite unpractical and unprofessional too:

1. Most of the time a company wants an employee to join the company immediately and in this case, it is not possible for the employee to join because their previous company is not ready to relive them as a result candidate often loses a good job opportunity.

2. No matter how hard-working you are or with how much dedication you are completing your task. You would not be paid for the work until the notice period is served

3. People don’t even get leaves during this period which is the most toxic thing. Because life is uncertain and we don’t know at what point of the time we want to avail of any benefit.