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Here’s what happened after a dog was tied to a car and dragged along the road in Jodhpur; Watch

“The doctor’s influence on the police led to the FIR being filed only two hours later,” he claimed.





New Delhi: This disturbing video of a dog being dragged through Jodhpur while attached to a car has gone viral on social media. A user who shared this diddly video on Twitter The car was being driven by a doctor when this footage was taken on Sunday in Jodhpur. The dog strains to keep up as the automobile speeds up, as shown in the video.

The doctor’s car was being followed by a motorcycle rider, and that event was caught on camera. We can see that he drew up directly in front of the car, forcing the driver to come to a stop. Several social media users have taken offence at the video ever since it was posted online, and they are calling for the offender to get harsh punishment.

The driver, who is recognised as a renowned plastic surgeon at a government hospital in Rajasthan, has been the subject of a case filed by the police in Jodhpur. The dog’s other leg bears damage scars, and one of its legs is fractured. Apparently, it also had neck bruises, according to a caretaker at the Dog Home Foundation.

According to Shasri Nagar Station House Officer Jogendra Singh, a case has been filed against Dr. Rajneesh Galwa under sections 428 of the Indian Penal Code (mischief by murdering or maiming an animal) and section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (treating animals cruelly).


The calls to Galwa went unanswered. The principal and controller of S N Medical College, stated that the accused has been served with a show cause notice requesting his response within 24 hours.
According to the manager of the shelter house, police were hesitant to comply at first.

“We asked the police to release the ambulance so the injured dog could receive care, but they detained it at the police station for nearly an hour without a need. “The doctor’s influence on the police led to the FIR being filed only two hours later,” he claimed.