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Meet Ibrahim Qadri: The doppelganger of Shah Rukh Khan from Gujarat

Ibrahim gradually started replicating SRK’s mannerisms after he saw how many people were enthusiastic about meeting him.




Ibrahim Qadri

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan’s fans were utterly surprised after seeing the exact doppelganger of the Badshah of Bollywood. Ibrahim Qadri, a fan from Gujarat looked exactly alike the superstar. Ibrahim has over 122k followers on Instagram and his profile shows videos of him replicating scenes performed by Shah Rukh Khan. The videos seem so real that for a second you would think that it is King Khan indeed.

In an interesting interview with Humans of Bombay, Ibrahim revealed how people often confuse him to be SRK and rush behind him to take pictures. “I was never one who paid too much attention to my looks. But my looks were often brought to my attention by my family & friends – ‘You look like Shahrukh Khan!’ My parents were especially proud of the fact that they gave birth to a kid who had an uncanny resemblance to India’s superstar. I couldn’t help the attention I got & frankly, when puberty hit, I started looking exactly like SRK!,” he said.

As he grew old, his look drew more attention. “After my friends & I watched ‘Raees,’ everyone started mobbing me for selfies thinking the real SRK had made an appearance for the film’s premier! Then there was another incident when I went to watch KKR take on Gujarat Lions in the stadium; everyone took out their cameras & waved at me. People clapped & spoke SRK’s famous movie lines at me. I saw how much love people have for SRK, & for the 1st time, I felt like a ‘Badshah’; it was special! But very quickly, I also realized what SRK probably goes through daily; I got swamped & someone held onto me so tight that my t-shirt tore! It got so bad that I had to call the police to be safely taken out of the stadium. And after rescuing me, the cops asked, ‘SRK sir, ek selfie?’,” he added.

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Ibrahim gradually started replicating SRK’s mannerisms after he saw how many people were enthusiastic about meeting him. He also added that after he took on the role of SRK’s doppelganger, he gets invitations to weddings and dances on Chaiyya Chaiyya. “But as much as I respect SRK, I also wish people would look beyond my looks & try to know me as a person too…But the truth is if there was anybody in the world I could choose to look like, my choice would be SRK.

It will be a dream come true if one day I get to meet my idol, SRK in person!” he said.

Fans were stunned on seeing him and took a moment to actually understand that he is SRK’s doppelganger. Fans flooded the comment section stating that they thought that he is SRK himself. One of the fans wrote, “For real I felt this is SRK,” while another stated, “Oh my God! I really thought this was SRK.” “I refuse to believe you are just a doppelganger. It seems like srk using a different id,” added another.

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On the other hand, SRK is busy with his upcoming movies. The actor will be next seen in Pathaan which is scheduled to release in January next year alongside Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. He is also collaborating with filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani for the first time in his next project, ‘Dunki.’ The actor will also star in Atlee.