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Parenting tips: 5 things you should never say to your child in early years

Here are a few tips that one should avoid using in parenting




New Delhi: As children grow up everything we say to them says in their minds in the very long run. Kids see themselves as their parent’s eyes.

From tone to body expression every action is absorbed by kids. Sometimes the language used by kids can affect their self-esteem.

Raising kids is the toughest task and one of the most fulfilling tasks in this world too.

What we say can have a long-lasting impact on the kids, so as a parent one should ensure that they select the right words.

Here are a few tips that one should avoid using in parenting:

1)”Stop crying you will be fine“: At times it is frustrating for a parent to see their child cry at minimal inconvenience but it is not the way out to suggest them control their emotions. This suggestion is clearly invalidating their feelings

2)”I do everything for you”: Goes without saying that parents do every possible thing for the child but making them realise or giving constant reminders to them can be hostile.

3) “Crying is the girl thing”: Most often to make sure that the baby boy is not crying, parents make this gender-biased statement.

4) “We cannot afford it”: Parents make the budget and follow it to meet their expenses, but life cannot be aligned with the budget. Sometimes kids demand a few things which are out of our budget, instead of making this statement. Try to convince them politely.

5)”You have to follow my rules because you live under my roof”: It’s good to be in discipline and follow rules, but we all need little space.

And so try not to be ruthless with your child.