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Parents can use these suggestions to help their children develop during their early years

Allowing young people to listen to music and their favorite songs helps to develop early learning skills.




New Delhi: Interactions and relationships promote the child’s overall physical and mental growth during the first five years of life, and their minds are in the first five years more than any other time in life. Build relationships faster. This is where the foundation of a child’s learning, well-being and behavior is laid, and an important step in the development of the child’s social, emotional, behavioral, thinking and communication skills.

The most important developmental years of a child’s life are early (0-5 years), so when the brain is most developed, child professionals can provide them with an exciting environment for their genetics. We believe it is important to reach the potential, as well as their physical and emotional growth. We have several doctors on board to share secrets, as many parents rely on pediatricians for advice on how to support their child’s growth as a child.


Dr. Shalini Prasad, MBBS, DCH, DNB – PEDIA, a senior paediatrician on the HealthPlix platform, said that the best strategy is to successfully involve your child through frequent activities such as playing, reading, and being present when he or she is under stress. She offered a few suggestions for promoting a child’s optimal development throughout the early years:

1. Playing games:

Games like peekaboo and building blocks with the youngster to let them express their creativity.

2. Reading:

Reading is a fantastic approach to help children develop early learning skills.

3. Baby’s physical comfort:

Hugging, hold and cuddling with the baby, indicating that the baby is present when feeling stressed or anxious.

4. Music and Songs:

Allowing young people to listen to music and their favorite songs helps to develop early learning skills.

5. Dance / Pretend Play:

Engaging your child in activities such as dancing will help you relax. Play your favorite music and let it dance to your heart’s content. Role-playing games for kids can also help you build relationships with your peers.