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Propose Day 2023: What is Propose Day and why is this day important for lovers, singles on Valentine’s week

Propose Day 2023: What is Propose Day and why is important for lovers as well as single’s on Valentine’s week

New Delhi: It is the time of the year that many youngsters wait to express and open up about their feelings for someone they like, admire, and love. It is the month of February when one week is fully dedicated to lovers to celebrate each day in a different form.

The second day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Propose Day-this is a day when one confesses their love to the next person.

Every year, Propose Day is celebrated on February 8, a day after Rose Day is celebrated.


Why is Propose Day Important?

This day is important for couples who are in a romantic relationship and also for those who are in love and ready to confess it. So singles, who are ready to mingle must take the opportunity to open up and share their emotions with their beloved.

During Valentine’s week, couples exchange gifts like roses, and chocolates, and also by spending some beautiful and quality time with each other.

Valentine’s week is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine.

After Propose day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day will be celebrated accordingly.