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Puzzle Challenge: Can you help your baffled aunt in distributing necklaces among 3 sisters?





New Delhi: If you want to develop the ability to think creatively, critically and logically then we suggest you solve puzzles. In the puzzle series, our next puzzle revolves around three sisters and pendants by their names. If you are excellent at logical reasoning then you may take a challenge to solve it within 60 seconds.

Situation: An aunt of three sisters decided to gift them a pendant necklace on Dewali. The sisters’ names are — Ruby, Amber and Pearl. She purchased three necklaces from a shop with each having different pendants attached. The pendants are based on the name of the girls — one pendant contains a ruby, the second one contains amber and the third one contains a peal.

Condition: To solve the puzzle, one must follow the condition that you gift the girls pendants in such a way that none of the girls gets the stone they actually share a name with. Talking about her aunt, Ruby said, ”Her aunt is a strange woman.” Agreeing with Ruby, her sister replied, ”Since why on earth would she give me the pearl pendant necklace, when the alternative is so obvious?”

Question: Which sister has the ruby pendant necklace?

Answer: Amber gets the pearl necklace.


How we cracked the puzzle

It is easy to understand that Ruby cannot have the ruby necklace. It is confirmed that she does not get Perl’s necklace as one of her sisters revealed during a conversation with her that her aunt gave it to her. This has now become clear that Ruby is wearing the amber necklace, leaving only the pearl and ruby necklace to assign to their owners. We also know that Pearl cannot get a pearl necklace, so she must be wearing the ruby necklace. Now, Amber will be left with the pearl necklace.