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Rose Day 2023: Different colours of roses to offer your Valentine and their significance

Here are the relationship metaphors for each color as Valentine’s Week’s Rose Day is here. 

New Delhi: Valentine’s Week in 2023 will be dominated by red hues, notably on Rose Day. Since Valentine’s Day this year will be here soon, people are excited to learn about the various days of Valentine’s Week.

Every year on February 7, people commemorate “Rose Day” to honor the passion, desire, and love. There are many other ways that people can express their love for their special someone, including by buying them gifts, writing them notes, singing to them, and writing long paragraphs.

Considering this, discovering the exact importance and meaning of each rose’s color is much needed. Here are the relationship metaphors for each color as Valentine’s Week’s Rose Day is here.

1. Red Rose

The crimson red rose is the most coveted of all. It represents love and passion. True love is frequently represented by red roses.

2. Orange Rose

The color orange represents ferocious desire. These colorful blooms make a strong and spirited statement. If you have an intense desire for a certain someone, orange is the color you should wear.

3. Pink Rose

One can present their life’s role models with pink roses. The color also stands for admiration, excitement, and gratitude.

4. Peach Rose

Regardless of whether one is scared to admit it, send the significant other a peach rose as a show of your affection. This could be the first step of confession.

5. Yellow Rose

If this is the first time for an individual stepping in to the love game, start with a yellow rose, which is a symbol of friendship.

6. Lavender Rose

Despite being uncommon, purple flowers stand for enchantment. This colour could be a representation of “love at first sight.”

7. White Rose

A representation of innocence and purity is the white rose. White roses are not only lovely, but they also represent development in life.