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Vicky Kaushal tires Paratha with Makkhan; check 5 different recipes to cook it at home

To prepare Paneer Parathas, one just needs smashed paneer with chopped onion, chilly, and spies to pack in flour.

New Delhi: After marrying Katrina Kaif, Vickey Kaushal is trying delicious breakfast every day. In the latest Instagram story, Kaushal shared what he tried this morning. In the story, one can see him binging on some yummy parathas. Being a Punjabi Munda, he did not forget to add white butter (makkhan).

In the photo, one can also the parathas lying on the plate by a side of green chutney, and pickles. On Parathas, all Punjabis would agree that they could not avoid parathas for a long time.

Take a look at Vickey Kaushal’s story:


If your also craving for parathas then you have to come to the right place as we going to tell you 5 paratha recipes that you can try at home:

1. Dal Ka Paratha

Smash dal with chopped onions, chilly, and spies to prepare a lip-smackingly parathas at home.

2. Mix vegetable paratha

Paratha can be made delicious by packing it with vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, peas, and radish. This can also be said paratha wiith full of healthy nutrients.

3. Methi Paratha

As winter is coming, methi will be available in the market in abundant quantity. One can mix methi with flour to prepare methi paratha.

Methi Paratha

4. Achaar Paratha

Paratha is the simplest item you can have at breakfast in less time. If you want to add a punch of flavour to your meal try it with Achaar.

5. Paneer Parathas

To prepare Paneer Parathas, one just needs smashed paneer with chopped onion, chilly to pack in flour.