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What is Prenuptial Agreement? Legal step that one must take before marriage

What is Prenuptial Agreement or Prenup? Check out details here-

New Delhi:  Are you scared of getting married? Or in secured about your life partner? Well, in India marriage is not only about two individual who come together to begin a new journey, but its about a union of two families.

Marriage brings in a lot of changes in both partners life, especially women.

But what is even more scary is when there is a lot of trouble in a marriage and the couple lands up with the idea of separation.

One of the worst thing is when the individuals are getting divorced and their relationships end.

Divorces for  women is cruel, hard and the worst period of her life at times. The women has to undergo societal obligations, financial difficulties and much more. To be true, women become even more vulnerable in these situations.

In this case it is said that Prenuptial Agreement or Prenup can help you or act as a security:

What is Prenuptial Agreement, or Prenup?

A Prenuptial Agreement or a Prenup is a contract that happens between two individuals which highlights the financial rights before getting married.

Prenuptial Agreement, is a signed, registered, and notarised contract which includes the distribution of assets, liabilities, and also the issues releated to the custody of children if the marriage falls apart due to divorce or death.

There are high chances you will deal with a cruel or petty set of in-laws- a prenup could provide some legal relief and clarity in these situations. Not to mention, an unsuccessful marriage can be mentally and physically exhausting- thus, securing your financial rights is a comfort we all deserve.

Also, the clauses of prenup may vary as per a couple’s needs and requirements.

This contract will be considered valid only if the agreement is done equally and in favour of both the parties. Also, the individuals should not forget to seek an attorney’s fair advice before making a Prenuptial Agreement contract.