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What is the right age to get married and how to choose a right life partner

As soon we hit a certain age, uncle and aunties have only one question to ask ‘when you are getting married?




New Delhi: As soon we hit a certain age, uncle and aunties have only one question to ask ‘when you are getting married?. Well, these questions are never-ending.

There is no certain age to get married, if you discuss the same thing with your parents they will say at least till the age of 30 a person should settle down.
But age should not be the sole factor to decide on marriage, this is such a big responsibility to handle.

Most often people get married because of family pressures or society’s pressure but it is important to understand that for people around you wedding is just an event but for you, it is that special moment which can change your life forever.
So when should a person get married?

* Well as an ad shows ‘don’t get married because your friends are getting married. No matter what your age is if you are not ready to make big changes in your life right now then wait till you are ready.

* Get married when you can support your partner emotionally and financially as well.

How to choose the right life partner?

*In today’s world one usually focus on horoscope matching and forget about other things. Well if you believe in horoscopes there is no harm but don’t depend solely on it. Try to spend some time with your partner and know his or her ideas and beliefs regarding relations, family, travelling, food and religious belief.

*Building trust is another important thing: Without trust, it’s just like operating a cell phone without a sim card.

* There are days when we barely feel ourselves and when destiny has some other plans: At that moment is your partner being your strength?

* What’s their personality type and how do they treat your family. Try hanging out with family and friends too to know more about the temperament and personality of your future partner.

If you find no suspicious sign then it’s a clear sign that you both are made for each other.