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Why would someone want to marry me !

Does that make me a a little closer to how cool John Mayer is? Piano and guitar performances on demand I promise.

Funny, thoughtful, smart , affectionate and responsible. Now doesn’t that sound like a killer combination. That was my subtle and definitely not narcissistic at all way to introduce myself. I’m Prarthna Batra, a 16 year old girl from New Delhi. I would say I’m a pretty fun person to be around and there’s never a dull moment when in my company. An extroverted bundle of energy and endless laughter, I surely do keep my friends and family well entertained.

Whether it be cracking dumb jokes or being usual clumsy self, I somehow always manage to bring a smile on the faces around me. If my friends and family would have to describe me in one sentence, it would probably be that I’m a happy go lucky, clumsy and caring 6 year old in a 16 year olds body who occasionally has emotional outbursts. All in all, not to toot my own horn but I’d say I’m a pretty solid person.

Now you must be wondering why I’m telling you all this. Consider this as I want to tell the world how amazing of a person I am and why you should marry me. Remember, I can only have one husband so no fighting! If you got the privilege of being my husband ( wow, lucky you! ), let me say this ; you’re set for life and boy did you hit the jackpot. I would say I’d make you breakfast in bed on a daily basis but sadly it’s a whole task waking me up but once you manage to wake me up, I’ll make you a delicious breakfast in bed on a daily basis as per your request. I know the way to my heart is through my stomach so that is how I choose to treat all my near and dear ones.

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I’m naturally a funny person and more then my humour it is often acts of severe stupidity that make people laugh but well hey they’re laughing atleast.I can guarantee you’d be smiling 24/7. I’d say my best quality is how helpful and caring I am. If you were ever having a bad day or were bothered about work or something else, trust me to send you a gazillion messages throughout your day in order to cheer you up and expect a thoughtful surprise and a big hug when you come back home! Birthdays are probably one of my favourite aspects of human existence.

I definitely go all out for the birthdays of people I love. Anyone who knows me knows how dear birthdays are to me. I will always go out of my way to make sure you feel special. I promise that I will always stand by your side, make you laugh and support you even when you make stupid decisions. I’m also quite a flexible person to hangout with. You tell me you want to go on a spontaneous bike ride ? I’m down. A cozy night in with some Bollywood movies and snacks? I’m down. I’m always down for a fun time, no matter what it has to be.

Adventuring out or calm chill activities or simply just enjoying each other’s company, I’m always down to have a good time. Another bonus that comes with marrying me, is that I can serenade you. Does that make me a a little closer to how cool John Mayer is? Piano and guitar performances on demand I promise. I can also always match your energy, if you’re an extrovert, great! We can talk for hours on end together because I definitely talk a lot and if you’re introverted and don’t like to talk as much, you don’t have to worry because I will do all the talking. I don’t always talk sense but I’m good company I promise.


Conversations with me will always be filled with filmy Bollywood references and my energy matches that of my spirit animal , Micheal G Scott. I’d say I’m a mix of Chandler Bing and Jake Peralta with a sprinkle of Geet from Jab we Met. Perfect combination in my opinion. I also love kids so if that’s something you’re interested in , then we could be great parents together. Also, I come as a package deal with my puppy Sydney so that’s always a bonus, I mean who doesn’t love puppies?

Jokes apart, I promise to stand by you always, share your sorrows and joy with you and stand by you through thick and thin. The ‘good and special’ moments in life are only special when you have special people to share them with. I promise to always listen to you whole heartedly, try my best to understand you and your story and experiences and put my best foot forward to grow together into better individuals.

Now, all I would like to say is that if you don’t think marrying me is worthwhile, clearly there is something wrong there. Remember, I’m just listing all the reasons you should marry me. To be fair, there’s none why you shouldn’t. And my parting words to you said by the wise Geet, main apni favourite hoon!