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World Sleep Day: Why do people sleep during office hours and how to stay awake?

Neha Singh



Noon sluggishness - sleepy -

New Delhi: Have you seen or heard about people sleeping during office hours instead of working? Well, there are several people who feel sleepy during office hours, and their sleeps tends to become more important than work.
There can be several reasons behind such people who fall asleep on their desk, chair and sometimes even in conference rooms.

Some of the reason could be primarily because of the lack of proper sleep during the night and feeling sleepy at workplace affecting their performance too.

Meanwhile, World Sleep day is celebrated every year on March 17.

Noon sluggishness - sleepy -

Why do people feel sleepy or sleep during office hours?

  • One reason could be when people don’t get proper sleep or they sleep late in the night or very less sleep.
  •  Not interested or least bothered about their work
  • N0-competitive nature.
  • Lack in concentration level
  • It could also be due to lower motivation and poor social relationship.
  • Mentally disturbed due to several reasons

It is to be noted that when employees are not fully functioning properly at their workplace as everything else gets ignored because of their sleep results to decreased or less productivity because workers may be physically present at work but they fail to perform their duties and more prone to making mistakes.

How to stay awake at work?

  • Drink coffee as it contains Caffeine, that helps the body to stay awake
  • Stay engaged, talk to other people in your team about new developments
  • Take break and drink water
  • Walk around the area or in the parking space of your office.
  • Make sure that the place has proper lighting