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Zero Shadow Day: Bengaluru is going to witnness a Unique Celestial Phenomenon, Know the date and time

 It is a celestial event that happens in places located between 23.5 to -23.5  degrees latitude.

Yogita Bisht



Zero Shadow Day

New Delhi: The IT hub Bengaluru is going to witness a unique celestial phenomenon today called Zero Shadow Day. It is set to occur for the second time this year on August 18  at 12:24 pm and will result in an intriguing phenomenon in which people will struggle to discern their own shadows. During the time of this phenomenon, stationary objects like people poles, and trees will cast no shadows on the ground.

The event occurs twice a year in the locations situated between the Tropic of cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn within the latitude range of 23.5 to -23.5 degrees. This year this phenomenon already was observed on April 18 at 12:17 pm whereas Hyderabad experienced the event on August 3 at 12:23 pm as well on May 9.

What is Zero Shadow Day

It is a celestial event that happens in places located between 23.5 to -23.5  degrees latitude. During this event, the sun reaches its peak elevation in the sky resulting in the casting of no shadow by the objects. Latitudes are the imaginary lines measuring the distance of the earth from North to South.

 What happens on Zero Shadow Day

Zero Shadow Day (1)

During the Zero Shadow Day, the sun is poditioned in such away that it directly overheads the obeject, causing the absence of shadow on the earth’s surface. This event results the sun to reach its Zenith in the sky, leading to decrease in the length of shadow of the object, rendering them practically to no shadow.

In Bengaluru this occurence will be most noticeable at 12:24pm . As the sun will reach at its zenith, observer will witness their shadows are fading away. For those who are fascinated about the celestial event can observe this event with the help of various objects.