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Will Real Estate go up or down in the Year 2020?




Business Astrologer and Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah predicts the trend in real estate for the year 2020.

Hirav Shah

Most of us rang in the New Year with celebrations and all of us welcomed it with hope. Hanging the new house calendar does sometimes feel like ushering a wave of change. Well, let’s just say it is more than just a metaphor. The change of the year to 2020 was accompanied by the change in position of the planets, the energy, the strengths, weaknesses and as a result, LUCK!

Real Estate sector has suffered immensely in the past few years and coupled with the few additions to government policies such as GST and RERA, the effects had only increased. It would be safe to say that both developers and buyers have become wary of further investments and the success of existing projects. Thus, the question of the hour: Will Real Estate go Up or Down in the Year 2020?


Business Astrologer and Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah feels that the rays of the Sun started shining upon us.

Numbers have a spiritual significance. To apply numerology, we add each digit in the number which in this case is 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4. So, the Universal year number this year is 4. In Astrology, Number 4 is considered as a positive reflection of the Sun i.e. Rahu. Rahu is a very intense number and as such, its effects are abundant. Like in the year 2011 = 2+1+1 = 4, when the stock market witnessed massive ups and downs. Rahu causes sudden events, either leading to struggle or progress says Hirav Shah.

The Year 2020 looks promising and bright for the Real Estate sector where in both the Developers and the Buyers/Investors can look forward to gain.

The year looks strong and positive in terms of Government policies which might include a stimulus to the infrastructure projects, incentives to low cost housing schemes, attracting foreign investments, substantial corporate income tax rate reductions, etc. As per Business Astrologer Hirav Shah Such moves will definitely boost the Real Estate sector, benefitting both home buyers and builders.

The second half of 2020 looks golden! The Rahu transit combined with the onset of the new Independence year from August 15th, will magnify the rewards. The speculative market and industry which includes equity, commodities and real estate, will benefit immensely says Hirav Shah. The results of the investments in Real Estate sector will show an upward graph and rising profits as the effects of Rahu become more profound!

Residential real estate on the path to recovery

As per Business Astrologer and Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah, this period will be one of the best for those dealing in real estate. The time of despair and doubt is certainly in the past. The Right time to invest is NOW!