Corona pandemic hit economies hard across the world and UK was no exception. But, the country saw a surge in real estate transactions in 2020. House prices rose to a 6-year high at the end of 2020 rising by 7.3% in 2020, much to the surprise of real estate forecasters.

Thane City has been shortlisted as one of the smart city in India. It has been chosen as a smart city under the Urban Development (MoUD), 100 Smart City Mission in India.

Real estate is one of the most essential assets to have for a secure future. However, in light of changing trends towards renting rather than owning, the real estate market is taking a hit in terms of buyers.

According to CMAP or Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, the city is expected to have a 10.6 million population by 2050. Per capita income in Chicago is around $40,144.

Delhi NCR has turned into a lucrative buyers’ market, thanks to a variety of reasons, after the huge disruption caused by the pandemic. However, like all other metros in India, Delhi NCR region has bounced back and has become irresistible for investors of both commercial and residential properties. Astro strategist Hirav Shah feels the upswing will continue throughout 2021, which spells good news for buyers, builders alike

Also, the measures taken by both central and state governments have kept the industry buoyant. Reduction in stamp duty, relief for mortgages and loans and the promise of extended support to the realty sector has given rise to a lot of optimism.

The DDA Housing Scheme 2021 was introduced on January 2, 2021. Nearly 33,000 applications were submitted till the due date of the scheme which was February 16.

The development will see four towers with a total of 233 residential units and one tower of 79 commercial units

Despite a huge slump in the real estate market during pandemic times, Bangalore has proven its worth by witnessing a mere dip of 5% in realty prices. Real estate trends in the garden city show that the city will bounce back with full force and there will be an increase in both commercial and residential investments in months to come