Due to increased new launches across cities, unsold inventory declined by 2 per cent on a yearly basis - from over 6.48 lakh units in Q4 2019 to over 6.38 lakh units in Q4 2020.

Affordability and high rate of rental returns is another set of factors that has led investors into pumping their money in housing and commercial segments in real estate markets of Tier 2 cities.

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Hirav Shah throws some light here on, what has the last month of 2020 has in store for the Real Estate Sector !

The future of Real Estate in Mumbai will be phenomenal pertaining to the reasons mentioned above, says Top Astro-Strategist of the Country, Hirav Shah.

In our lifetimes, real estate has suffered major setbacks - 2008 recession and Covid-19 pandemic. Also, it's difficult to time the real estate market. But, if you are planning to buy a house/property, here are top 5 tips from Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer.

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In modern times, the customer not only buys products but also weighs the brand appeal and its value. Astro strategist Hirav Shah lists some measures on how small construction businesses can do their branding.

Unsold inventory continues to strangle real estate groups and it has been the cause of many loan defaults. Just imagine if you can know a ‘Sales Timeline’ in advance.