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Commonwealth Games 2022 (Day 5) India schedule, Updates: Indian women win gold medal in Lawn Bowl finals, create history

With three medals confirmed in Men’s Team Table Tennis, Women’s Team Lawn Bowl and Mixed Team Badminton, India eyes a big day ahead. 

New Delhi: Indian women’s team has created history in Lawn Bowls by defeating South Africa and winning the gold medal. With two more medals confirmed in Men’s Team Table Tennis and Mixed Team Badminton, India eyes a big day ahead.

Day 5 also marks the beginning of track and field games, and after a historic performance in World Athletics Championships in Oregon, Indian athletes are likely to reach the podium finishes. Oregon games’ finalist Murali Sreeshankar and Muhammed Yahiya qualified for the finals of the Men’s Long Jump event. Silver and bronze medallists in the 2018 Gold Coast games, Seema Antil and Navjeet Kaur, will play for medals in Women’s Discus Throw.

Check India’s full schedule for day 5 here.

Indian women fight for gold against South Africa in Lawn Bowl

# 6:48 pm: Indian women win gold! Creates history in the history of the sport.

# 6:40 pm: Huge lead! The score stands at 15-10 in favour of India.

# 6:35 pm: India takes a lead again. The score stands at 12-10 after 13 ends.

# 6:20 pm: The score stands tied at 10 each after 12 ends. Just 6 ends to go!

# 5:56 pm: South Africa makes a comeback as the score is tied at 8 all after the 10th end.

# 5:46 pm: After 9 ends and the completion of half of the match, the Indian team has a tight grip on the game. The score stands at 8-6 in favour of India.

# 5:36 pm: After 8 ends, India leads the match with a score of 8-4.

# 5:14 pm: Indian team has taken a huge lead with a score of 7-2 after 6 ends.

# 5:07 pm: The Indian team is represented by Lovely Choubey, Pinki, Nayanmoni Saikia and Rupa Rani Tirkey.

# 5:06 pm: India leads with a score of 4-2 after 5 ends.

# 4:53 pm: After 3 ends, the score is tied at 2-2.

Indian Men’s Table Tennis team to face Singapore in finals

# 7:08 pm: Sharath loses to Chew. The match score stands at 1-1. A nail-biting finish is expected as two strong teams battle for the gold.

# 7:01 pm: Sharath leads game 4 with a score of 6-4.

# 6:55 pm: chew takes the 3rd game one-sided with a score of 11-3. The single’s score stands at 2-1 in favour of Singapore.

# 6:52 pm: Comeback. Sharath Kamal makes a comeback and wins with a score of 14-12.

# 6:46 pm: Score 10 all. Whoever takes 2 consecutive points wins.

# 6:42 pm: India’s lead narrows down to 6-5.

# 6:41 pm: Game 2 begins, Sharath takes a 4-2 lead.

# 6:37 pm: Chew wins 11-7 against Sharath.

# 6:34 pm: Chew leads game 1 with a score of 7-4.

# 6:31 pm: Sharath Kamal faces Zhe Yu Clarence Chew in Men’s Singles match.

# 6:27 pm: Dominating start! India wins the double’s encounter 3-0.

# 6:25 pm: India close to double’s match victory as the pair leads with a score of 7-3.

# 6:21 pm: India starts game 3 with a 3 points lead.

# 6:19 pm: India seals the second game as well in the doubles match. needs one more win to win the doubles match.

# 6:16 pm: Score stands neck-to-neck at 6-5 as India leads.

# 6:13 pm: Singapore starts well with a small lead. Score: 3-2.

# 6:12 pm: India wins Game 1 in doubles with a score of 13-11.

# 6:08 pm: The score stands at 10 each and the team to score two consecutive points win.

# 6:04 pm: India leads 6-4.

# 6:02 pm: Harmeet Desai and Sathiyan Gnanasekaran playing against Yong Izaac Quek and Yew En Koen Pang.

# 5:51 pm: Indian team is the defending champion in this category and will look out to win another gold medal.

Dutee Chand to compete in 100 m qualification

# 5:25 pm: Dutee Chand fails to qualify for the semis.

# 5:20 pm: Chand ends in the 4th position after clocking 11:55 seconds.

#5:20 pm: Qualification– Finishing in the top 3 in the heats and the next 3 fastest runners qualify for semi-finals.

# 5:16 pm Asian games silver medallist Dutee Chand will run in the 2nd lane.

# 5:11 pm: Dutee will be seen running in Heat 5.

Manpreet Kaur plays in Women’s Shot Put qualification

# 4:00 pm: Qualifies! Manpreet Kaur qualifies for finals after ending up in the 7th position.

# 3:51 pm: India is out of the medal race as the challenge was denied by the judges.

# 3:50 pm: Challenge card used as Punam released the weight before the buzzer so the third attempt will not be counted.

#3:47 pm: Manpreet throws to 16.78 m.

# 3:40 pm: Manpreet Kaur improves on her first attempt to throw at a distance of 16.68 m.

# 3:38 pm: Jamaica’s Danniel Thomas-Dodd throws at a distance of 18.42 m to become the first one to qualify for the finals.

# 3:36 pm: Qualification Rules- Qualifying performance 18.00 m (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the Final.

# 3:34 pm: Manpreet’s first attempt goes to 15.83 m.

Punam Yadav eyes gold medal in Women’s 76 kg Weightlifting

# 4:06 pm: Maya Laylor win gold while Taiwo Liadi wins silver and the bronze medal was won by Maximina Uepa.

# 3:48 pm: Punam gives another try to 116 kg but fails due to the wrong technique.

# 3:47 pm: Punam Yadav fails to lift 116 kg in her first attempt of clean and jerk round.

# 2:59 pm: Punam lifts 98 kg in the snatch round. She is expected to finish on the podium.

# 2:50 pm: Punam Yadav lifts 95 kg in her second attempt after failing in the first attempt.

# 2:32 pm: Shocking! Amy Salt increased 16 kg on the bar as compared to her first attempt and successfully lifted 86 kg.

# 2:22 pm: Punam Yadav to start her campaign with a lift of 95 kg in the snatch round.

#2:15 pm: Punam Yadav won a gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and will look out to win another gold to add to India’s medal tally.

Murali Sreeshankar and Muhammed Anees Yahiya to compete in Men’s Long Jump Qualification

# 3:29 pm: Muhammed Anees Yahiya ended up in the 8th position to qualify for the Men’s Long Jump finals.

# 3:08 pm: Yahiya has a chance to be in the top 12 and qualify for the finals with the best jump of 7.68 m.

# 3:05 pm: Another jump of 7.49 m in the third attempt as he faced an opposite wind of 3.8 m/s.

# 2:55 pm: Yahiya makes it 7.68 m in his second attempt.

# 2:49 pm: Murali Sreeshankar is satisfied after a jump of 8:05 m. He has advanced to the finals as the qualification mark was 8.00 m.

# 2:34 pm: Yahiya jumps 7.49 m in his first attempt.

# 2:30 pm: Murali Sreeshakar who recently reached the World Championships finals will look out to reach the finals today and go for the podium afterwards.

Indian women take on New Zealand in Pairs Sectionals and Triple Sectional Lawn Bowl

# 4:01 pm: After losing in the pairs sectional, team India defeated team New Zealand 15-11 in the Women’s Triple Sectional Play Round.

# 3:16 pm: New Zealand wins the match with a score of 18-9.

# 2:53 pm: New Zealand is close to a victory as the score goes up to 14-9 after 15 ends.

# 2:38 pm: New Zealand leads 11-9 after 13 ends.

# 2:26 pm: India makes a comeback, 9 all after 12 ends.

# 2:06 pm: New Zealand has extended their lead to 8-4 after eight ends. Indian pair looks to fight back in the remaining 10 ends.

# 1:47 pm: Selina Goddard and Katelyn Inch take a lead. The score stands at 6-4 in favour of New Zealand.

# 1:40 pm: New Zealand takes a huge leap to tie the score at 4-4 after five ends.

# 1:35 pm: India extends the lead to 4-1 after four ends.

# 1:19 pm: New Zealand gains a point in the second end. The score stands at 2-1 in favour of India.

# 1:14 pm: India starts well by gaining a 2-0 lead after the first end.

# 1:04 pm: Lovely Choubey and Nayanmoni Saikia to play for India in the pairs sectional.

# 1:02 pm: After confirming a medal in the team event, Indian lawn bowlers are ready to create history in pairs sectional and triple sectionals events.