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Video of Shahid Afridi giving autograph to fan on Indian Flag goes viral, Twitterati calls him “illiterate”

Viral Video of Shahid Afridi giving an autograph to a fan on the Indian flag.

Neha Singh



Shahid Afridi

A video of Shahid Afridi signing an autograph for a fan on the Indian flag after a game of the ongoing Legends League Cricket (LLC) has taken the Internet by storm. The video which has now gone viral shows Afridi obliged to the request of the supporter who approached him with the tri-colour.

The video was shared by Cricket Pakistan’s Twitter handle. In the video, the former Pakistan skipper can be seen respectfully holding the India flag and giving an autograph to the fan, who returned with a smile on his face.

While this gesture of Shahid Afridi was not appreciated by some users as he signed the flag by keeping it on his thigs.

On of the users said that signing on the flag is wrong even if the celebrity is from the same country.

While another user said that this is and an insult to our national flag.

Meanwhile, there were some users who appreciated his gesture and called him a  great sportsman and a true ambassador of love.