According to Hirav Shah, “Every zodiac sign has certain eating habits, its own specific way of preparing food, and different preferences towards a certain type of food. While many people prefer traditional dishes, some love to experiment with new and exotic cuisine, while others will eat almost anything because they are not picky.”

Hirav Shah is a major influencer and advisor in the fields of Real Estate, Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Tourism, Hospitality & more. He is an expert in combining business principles with Astro Science for ‘Certainty of Success’. His mantra is – “Why earn less when you have the potential to earn more.”

Unsold inventory continues to strangle real estate groups and it has been the cause of many loan defaults. Just imagine if you can know a ‘Sales Timeline’ in advance.

This is the first phase of marketing post lockdown which will be especially beneficial to the developers according to Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Kylie Jenner will enter her 24th year on August 10, 2020 and it will be the year of Venus. It will be a very favorable year for her. Just imagine how she will perform in her 24th year. We may see her on top of the top soon, says Business Astrologer and Astro Strategist Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah made predictions on state of global economy on 1st Jan, 2020. He made predictions that there may be some turbulence in Global Economics from December 2019 which would continue for whole of 2020. And it's already facing massive turbulence since February 2020.