Business Astrologer Hirav Shah’s predictions on Coronavirus pandemic and economic recovery

Hirav Shah made predictions on state of global economy on 1st Jan, 2020. He made predictions that there may be some turbulence in Global Economics from December 2019 which would continue for whole of 2020. And it’s already facing massive turbulence since February 2020.

Written by March 27, 2020 15:04

As Covid-19 wreaks havoc across the world and causes major upheaval in the financial markets globally, spoke to Celebrity Astrologist Hirav Shah about the coronavirus triggered crisis.

Hirav Shah, the Astro-strategist and Business Astrologer shared his insights and predictions on the stock markets, Indian and global economy and also gave some tips for businessmen.

Hirav Shah

About Covid-19 pandemic and its end

Though not an expert on Virus Astrology, Hirav Shah does feel that some positive development may start pouring in after April. We may start to progress in an upward direction from April 5, 2020, says Hirav Shah.

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Considering the current positions and transit states of planets, 5 dates are very important- April 5, April 19, May 3, May 12 and June 10. So it means positivity will start from April 5 and by mid-June, we may start seeing some concrete solutions to this pandemic.

Covid-19 impact on Economy

Like every year, Hirav Shah made predictions on state of global economy on 1st Jan, 2020. He made predictions that there may be some turbulence in Global Economics from December 2019 which would continue for whole of 2020. And it’s already facing massive turbulence since February 2020.

March 2020 is the worst. Hirav Shah hopes that he may be proved wrong but the remaining part of 2020 will still be a challenging year in view of the Global Economy.

Impact on Indian Economy

Dalal street - stock markets

Hirav Shah feels that the 1st half of 2020 will be very turbulent and unpredictable in the flow of the economy. But what he sees is that India has tremendous political stability, leadership, and a powerful visionary PM. So once we enter the next Independent year on August 15, we may see a very sharp move in a positive direction.

2020 stock market plunge NOT similar to 2008 crisis

Hirav Shah doesn’t think they are the same as the difference is huge. In 2008, there was an economical breakdown due to financial institutions while in 2020 there is a medical crisis that is turning its head towards an economic crisis.

He feels that we will have V shape recovery from Mid-June 2020 and mainly after August 15, 2020 onwards.

Till June 15, all people should be cautious and must prepare for major ups and downs.

Observation on US Economy

From May 2020, we will be able to see a major U-shaped pattern and improvement in the USA Stock market, which will remain for a couple of months but due to the upcoming US elections and other political influences, again at the end of 2020, we may see turbulence in the US stock market.

When will US, Indian economy will be back on track

The US has seen 9/11, while India has seen 26/11. Both have seen the 2008 financial breakdown also. But the way both of these countries came back was excellent. Both of them are lands of opportunities. So overall from the second half of 2020, both the countries will see positive outcomes in economy, stock market, mental stability, and positive environment.

On rupee-dollar see-saw

Rupee drops to lifetime low of 70.09

Hirav Shah has already predicted on 1st January, 2020 that the Dollar will go upto 76 Rupees which is already achieved but will max out at 77.50 – 79 Rupees. But, Rupees will see sharp improvement from June 2020 and by end of 2020, we may see the range of 67 to 70 Rupees of stability.

Tips for businessmen – Positive mindset is the mantra

As per Hirav Shah, the First major thing is POSITIVE MINDSET-the mother of
everything. You don’t need to be in FEAR of losing the economy. Of Course things are very bad around the world, but we will come out of that very soon.

With Hirav Shah’s huge experience working with the most successful people, he feels that they find the resources because they’re resourceful.
They figure out what’s needed, and they have enough positive emotion to find the answers.
If you’re creative enough, you’ll find the answer. If you’re determined enough, you’ll get through the problem
Maybe it’s time to really take some Massive ACTION and keep Changing Your APPROACH.
Third, As per Hirav Shah, he suggests to keep 4 people in your advisory team.
Chartered Accountant, Business Lawyer, Family Doctor and
Astro-Strategist or Business Astrologer.
Very important, this advisory team should have clarity on
A. your current situation,
B. Where you want to go-your goal,
C. Why you want to achieve your goal (Reasons of your goal) and
D. how you want to achieve your goal – your capabilities.
For all your decisions, take Guidelines for possibilities of achieving your goal or particular decision from your advisory team and your in-house team and see what’s your intuition and experience, expertise saying and mix and match with your capabilities and then take massive action with clarity and certainty and finally learn needed capabilities to achieve your set goal says Hirav.

Learn and master new capabilities in this innovative virtual and social distancing world.


Fourth Hirav Shah Strongly suggests, if possible try to estimate the REVENUE NUMBERS for the next 6 months / 1 Year of your Business or Products or Services from any CA or CPA or from your industry expert or from Business Astrologer or Astro Strategist or from combinations of many different experts, which will help to plan your marketing, sales, advertising, acquisition, mergers and HR strategies very easily for 2020.

Hirav Shah’s advice to all Businessmen is :


On Real Estate developers

As per Hirav Shah, the main concern of all the real estate developers is, of unsold properties. The demand-Supply gap is very huge. The Demand is very Less while the Supply is already High. So just imagine if all the real estate developers will be able to get guidelines on the timeline of the sale of unsold properties, it can be of great help to them. They can get this by various ways like studying historical data, market research and intuition, asking experts of the industry, or with the help of a Business Astrologer or Astro Strategist who can
suggest a TIMELINE for the SALE of Housing or Commercial properties.

Astrology is the only TOOL where you get to know things in advance before making any strategies or taking any massive action. And when you gain CERTAINTY, you can execute with more potential. Utilize this science to analyze all decisions before execution and strategize effectively.

This can give a huge breathing space and can turn out to be a game changer for them, says Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Astro advice to safeguard from Covid-19

Of Course, social distancing is the best solution, but also try if you can wear yellow clothes or keep a piece of yellow cloth with you or maybe even a piece of turmeric in your pocket, which may help you out from coronavirus or COVID-19.