Coronavirus Outbreak

The local administration, including the police and fire brigade, is currently carrying out search and rescue operation.

According to the researchers, mouthwash can break the outer fatty layer of the virus, thus deactivating it. However, they have only done limited test-tube and clinical studies and have yet to explore the effectiveness of the existing mouthwashes.

As of 06:00 Moscow time on Monday (03:00 GMT), there are 18,017,556 confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. The global death toll from COVID-19 stands at 687,93.

With a spike of 37,148 cases and 587 deaths reported in India on Tuesday, the total number of COVID-19 cases stood at 11,55,191, according to the Union Ministry of Health.

With over 7,360 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours, the global death toll due to the virus now stands at 593,087 people, according to the WHO dashboard.

In an open letter to the agency, which the researchers plan to publish in a scientific journal next week, 239 scientists in 32 countries outlined the evidence showing smaller particles can infect people, the NYT said.

Maharashtra, the worst-hit state, has a total of 1,80,298 cases including 8,053 fatalities. Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu has 94,049 cases inclusive of 1,264 deaths.

Speaking about Bharat Biotech's prowess, Suchitra Ella, Joint Managing Director said, "Our ongoing research and expertise in forecasting epidemics has enabled us to successfully manufacture a vaccine for the H1N1 pandemic."

The fabrics has been launched to fight against the spread of COVID-19 outbreak, have been tested by World Health Organisation-approved labs.

The British drugmaker has already begun large-scale, mid-stage human trials of the vaccine, which was developed by researchers at University of Oxford.