The NGT said that restrictions are optional for the authorities at other places, but added that if there are more stringent measures under orders of the authorities, the same will prevail.

Delhi Police has launched a special initiative to trace missing children in the city. The scheme, which is linked to incentives for cops, has seen seen remarkable success.

Gajendra Singh is associated with property business in Delhi-NCR and is also understood to be investing Abu Salem and Khan Mubarak’s money in illegal property transactions.

The seizure of unaccounted cash of Rs. 3.57 Crores during the search operations has raised further suspicion about the operations of such entities and their blatant violation of the statutory requirements.

The IMD in its All India Weather Warning Bulletin has predicted that tomorrow (April 27), states such as Telangana, East Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are also likely to witness thunderstorm accompanied with lightning, hail and gusty winds.

A mild earthquake of magnitude 3.5 felt across Delhi-NCR. The epicentre of the earthquake is reported in East Delhi. Insite is a quarterly report focusing on capital and rental price trends in the residential realty market across eight major cities of India.

The court also directed the Centre to prepare a road map for installation of air-purifying towers to deal with the pollution crisis in the national capital.

The pollution level has spiked in Delhi-NCR due to the increase in the biomass fire incidents, westerly winds flowing in the region and an increase in farm fire smoke from Punjab and Haryana.

Jammu and Kashmir was too jolted by strong quake.