All four people accused in the rape and murder of woman veterinarian in Telangana have been killed in an encounter with the police.

K Chandrashekhar Rao has also instructed the officials to initiate the process for setting up a fast-track court and ensure that the culprits, who raped and murdered a 26-year-old veterinary surgeon in Cyberabad, get tough punishment

A 22-year-old veterinarian’s charred body was found in Hyderabad, creating mass outrage. She is believed to have been raped and murdered by 4 persons who offered to help her in repair her punctured two-wheeler.

The scheme, which is the world's largest health care programme, provides a health cover of five lakh rupees annually to vulnerable families and aims at benefiting more than ten crore poor families all over the country.

Three resident doctors in the Nair Hospital were allegedly abused and attacked by kins of a 49-year-old patient who died in the hospital on Saturday. They also allegedly attacked security guards at the hospital and vandalized property in a fit of rage.

The Centre is rushing five teams of senior paediatricians and para-medics to Muzaffarpur in Bihar to strengthen the state's efforts and measures in the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome affected areas.

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