Kamal Nath on Friday tendered his resignation to Governor Lalji Tandon and stated that the recent turn of events in the state adds new chapter in the weakening of democratic principles.

Supreme Court says the floor test would be held by show of hands in accordance with the law. Floor test to be completed by 5pm tomorrow.

Rohatgi said that there are videos that would show that these people are saying that it is being portrayed as though they are kidnapped but they are there on their own violation.

Through the letter, Nath further said the Governor's order of conducting the floor test on Tuesday itself, failing which it would be considered that his government lacks a majority, would be 'unconstitutional because of it being baseless.'

The BJP on Monday approached the Supreme Court seeking a floor test in the Madhya Pradesh assembly amid the ongoing political crisis in the state.

Today,Kamal Nath wrote to Governor Tandon and asked for a postponement -- he said some of his MLAs were being held hostage and felt the vote should only be held when everyone is free.

As political uncertainty developed in Madhya Pradesh for Kamal Nath-led government, both BJP and Congress had moved their legislators out of the state and lodged them in luxury hotels, apparently in a bid to keep their respective flocks intact.

The office of the Madhya Pradesh Governor announced late on Saturday that the floor test to decide the fate of...

BJP leaders Gopal Bhargava, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Narottam Mishra, and Bhupendra Singh were part of the delegation that met the governor.

Yediyurappa has already started using this spelling on his official letterheads and the letter staking a claim for the formation of the new government also had this new spelling.