Lord Krishna

On this day, devotees prepare a variety of vegetarian meals and offer them to Lord Krishna. People also create a hillock made of cow dung to symbolically represent Govardhan mountain.

He said now the whole world was searching for a role model for environmental conservation and for saving trees and plants but India has Lord Krishna as "inspiration," he added.

Paul, a senior BJP MLA from Silchar in Barak Valley, had said that the amount of milk increases "multiple times" when the flute is played in "a special tune which Lord Krishna used to play".

Janmashtami is being celebrated across the country with full religious fervour and gaiety.

New Delhi: Janmashtami, which marks the birth of Lord Krishna, is being celebrated in different parts of the country today...

Rupes Parab, an office bearer of a Dahi Handi organiser group also said that they always prioritise the safety of participants.

The festival is celebrated by offering prayers to Lord Krishna. An idol of infant Krishna over a beautifully decorated swing is often the centre of festivities with dance and music performances and Dahi Handi competition being organised at different places.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's constituency, Janmashtami is being used to scale up social awareness. A shop keeper in the city explained that while they have welcomed new varieties, they aren't compromising with social good.

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