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Vishu 2023: Date, Significance, Importance for the Malayalam New Year

The festival signifies the beginning of a new chapter. It resembles the triumph of good by defeating evil.

New Delhi: With the beginning of festivities, here comes Vishu 2023, the Malayalam New Year. The Southern state-based festival of enthusiasm and excitement is knocking the doors for a new celebration. The Kerela celebrated event marks the beginning of Medam, the Malayalam month.

Every year, Vishu is celebrated with great zeal, engulfed with rituals and folk traditions. It brings an event to enjoy feasts of mouth-watering delicacies.

The festival signifies the beginning of a new chapter. It resembles the triumph of good by defeating evil. It brings light and diminishes the dark. It establishes togetherness among loved ones and lays the beginning of a prosperous 360 days.

The Kerela festival traces its roots to various folk stories and mythologies. Its significance can be marked by the story of Lord Krishna killing the demon Narakasura. However, some believe it as the day of Surya Dev’s return. There is a saying that Vishu marked this day with Ravana’s death, when the latter didn’t allow the sun to rise from the east. And thus, it became the day of a rising sun.

When will Vishu be celebrated this year?

Looking at the Gregorian calendar, it comes in April while marking the first day of Malayam New year. Vishu usually falls around April 14. However, the date depends upon the sun’s positioning. In 2023, it will be celebrated on April 15.

How is Vishu celebrated?

It begins with Vishu Kani, including flowers, raw rice, Uruli (symbolic items assembled in a bell shaped vessel) and coins. Vishu Kani is believed to bring prosperity and luck in devotees lives. Additionally, it begins by lighting Nilavilakku, the traditional lamp. On this day, people also read the Ramayana and mark Vishu Paddakam by bursting crackers.

As the day of delicacies, people enjoy the feast of Vishu Thoran, Olan, Beans Thoran, Tomato Rasam, Beetroot Pachadi, Aviyal, Manga Peukka, Chakka Aviyal, Semiyal Payasam and Sarkara Varatti. The feast is termed as Vishu Sadya. All in all, it’s a great day to rejoice and get God’s blessings.