M. Venkaiah Naidu

According to Rajya Sabha Secretariat, various parties will be allotted seats in the chamber and galleries of Rajya Sabha based on respective strength and the remaining will be seated in the chamber of Lok Sabha in two blocks meant for ruling parties and the others.

Singh released a book chronicling the Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu's third year in office. Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar launched the electronic version of the book.

According to a statement issued by his family, Rishi Kapoor passed away peacefully at 8:45am in hospital on Thursday after a two-year battle with leukemia.

DHRUV is a unique program to identify talented students and mentor them in the center of excellence for 14 days so that they can reach their full potential and work for society in a better manner.

Birla said the festival, signifying the victory of good over the forces of evil, symbolizes the values of courage and sacrifice and of upholding the principles of dharma in all stages of life.

Stating that providing a responsive administration to the people, especially to the most vulnerable sections of the society was central to Vajpayee Ji's administration, Naidu added, "He implemented the reform agenda and delivered good governance to the nation amidst great challenges".

In February this year, owing to his ill health and treatment in the US, the portfolio was given to Piyush Goyal, who presented the interim budget announcing tax rebate for income up to Rs 5 lakh.

He congratulated the makers of the movie 'Super30' for portraying the "dedication, commitment and the missionary zeal of a teacher who worked tirelessly to realize the dreams of scores of bright and talented students," in the film.

After being led into the sanctum sanctorum, Naidu will attend special cultural and literary programs. He will also have lunch with the general devotees of Lord Balaji.

New Delhi: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu urged policy makers to accord highest priority to agriculture as it provided employment...