Ministry of Education

The last date for submission of the online application form for renewal and for fresh scholarship 2020 is October 31, 2020.

A gazette notification published on Monday said the President had given his nod to changing the name.

When government schools will compete with private schools in terms of learning outcomes, when private schools will have to deliver learning outcomes in order that they stay accredited, this sector will witness true revolution.

The Government can also expect students from neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan as also from West Asia and Africa come to the campuses of foreign universities in India rather than travel to the West.

The idea of allowing foreign universities to set up their campuses in India is a welcome step provided care needs to be taken by them for preserving our national heritage and culture.

The Prime Minister will take part in the conclave being organised by the Ministry of Education and University Grants Commission (UGC) through video-conferencing.

Since education is a concurrent, the NEP only provides broad directions. The reforms proposed can only be implemented collaboratively by the Centre and the states.

The new education policy will reduce the race for marks and shear pressure on the students. Due to race to get good marks and to be in the top, many good students are losing their creativity.

The decision is according as per the recommendations of the draft New Education Policy, which suggested it to bring the focus back on education and learning.