Nancy Pelosi

Slotkin has previously served as a CIA analyst specialized in Shia militias, as well as acting assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs.

Speaker said that Trump's contacts with Ukraine are a "threat to the country and one that warrants action". "Today, I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment," she said.

The impeachment bid comes at a time when Trump is under fire for his Twitter outburst against four liberal Democratic Congresswomen. On Sunday, Trump shocked many by asking the lawmakers -- all of whom are People of Colour (POC) -- to return to their "crime-infested, broken" countries. All four are American citizens, initiating a debate regarding racism.

The debate brought to fore the partisan anger with Trump's latest jibes, as the Democrats voted to not strike Pelosi's comments from the record -- as is done when a lawmaker is found not to be in order -- and invited Pelosi to speak again.